Action Movie Star

You are the “Action Movie Star”

The search is on for the next global action star!

Ten action stars from anywhere in the world will be selected to come to Bondi, Australia.


To compete.

To be better.

To be their dream.


What YOU win.

A role in an International action feature film.

Training with Benny “The Jet” Urquindez Stunt School in Los Angeles

You keep $50,000 (USD)

Industry recognition

A secret prize

This is Action Movie Star!

When we were children we would dream.


When you are older you work hard for your dreams. Hours alone that no one sees, but you are still grinding and pushing yourself.

It’s time for you to be seen.

It’s your time to shine.


Action Movie Star is Reality TV from the film industry.

The Action Movie Star team come from the feature film industry and we invite you to see – how we do what we do.


YOU will get to be the star and show the world how dam good you are.

Hero or villain, it’s all good when you are in an action movie.

You are going to get to do some cool stuff.


Spend the show in beautiful Bondi Australia famous for Bondi Beach (you are going to love it).

Train like action movie stars. Learn how to do stunts and expand your acting skills with our film industry professionals.

You will compete in challenges.

ONE person, maybe You – will be this seasons Action Movie Star.


We wish you all the best.

Now show us what YOU can do.


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