Entry Guidelines and Process

Entry Guidelines


How to submit your Action Movie Star Entry


Step 1 – Who are you?

Please enter your personal details and fill out every field.

What can you do?

Please tell us about any physical and entertainment skills you have.

Do you have any accreditation and certifications, for example, are you ranked in martial arts, have you done any formal entertainment training, do you have any licences that are relevant to the action industry?

You can do that here.


Step 2 – Upload your Audition

You can also upload it to Youtube and please tag Action Movie Star and put www.actionmoviestar.tv in the description.

Also please send us a link and/or a better quality copy of you video, picture and any relevant information and contact information directly to us at [email protected]

To ensure you get the best chance at being considered by the Action Movie Star Producers and judges, make sure you read the full Terms and Conditions before entering.

Before you film your audition, please read the following;

  • You must be 18 years or older to enter
  • You must hold a valid passport or be able to obtain a valid passport prior to the series filming
  • Auditions can be a maximum of 2 minutes long
  • Please ensure all footage is your own and if you are using edits from previous work ensure you own the copyright to that work
  • Please ensure that when you shoot your audition all acts/tricks/stunts that appear in the video are done without violating any laws, damaging public property or jeopardising a person/persons safety

Too easy right!

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