Cynthia Rothrock – The First Female Covergirl of Martial Arts

Cynthia Rothrock

Hello out there future movie stars and martial arts enthusiasts. I would like to welcome you to another post of our celebrity profile, where we select an action movie star and write up some information about them to showcase them as a martial artist and/or movie star. One day, we hope to be writing up about you!
This week we have decided to post one for the girls out there. And this one is none other than Cynthia Rothrock, an American martial artist and actress, who specialises in martial arts films and holds black belt rankings in seven styles of martial arts. Cynthia was a high level competitor in martial arts forms before becoming an actress. And also the first female to be featured on the cover of a martial arts magazine.

Here are some facts about this bad ass chick!


Born on March 8, 1957 in Wilmington, Delaware.

Between 1981 and 1985, Rothrock was five-time World Champion in forms and weapons.

Took first place in forms 32 times and first place in weapons 12 times in her first 38 tournaments. As there was no Women’s Division, Cynthia compete in “Men’s Forms” three out of four times.

Inducted into the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame as “Female Competitor of the Year” in 1983.

It was the film, Yes, Madam (also known as Police Assassins or In the Line of Duty Part 2), that Cynthia had her first film role in. After it proved to be a box office success, Cynthia ended up staying in Hong Kong until 1988, doing seven films there.

She had become one of the few western performers to achieve genuine stardom in the local Hong Kong film industry before achieving success in their own country.

Retired from acting to teach private martial arts lessons at her martial arts studio in Studio City, California. This was after starring in the 2004 film Xtreme Fighter (a.k.a. Sci-Fighter), where she played Sally Kirk / The White Dragon.

Married to her Kung Fu instructor, Ernest Rothrock at the age of 21.

Currently, Cynthia works as a martial arts teacher, and co-owns a martial arts studio in Studio City, California, as part of the Z Ultimate Self Defense Studios chain of martial arts studios.

Her rankings are as follows:

  • 8th Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do
  • Black Belt in Taekwondo
  • Black belt in Karate
  • Black Belt in Eagle Claw
  • Black Belt in Wu Shu
  • Black Belt in Northern Shaolin
  • Black Belt in Pai Lum Tao Kung Fu

Toshiro Mifune – The Muse of Akira Kurosawa

Toshiro Mifune

Hello again everyone, hope we all had a great week. This week’s celebrity is all the way from Japan. One of the oldest and well known Japanese actors, Toshiro has served in the Japanese Imperial Army in the Arial Photography Unit during World War II. A star of many Japanese films and becoming popular in the Western film industry, Toshiro left a mark in Japan and Hollywood, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here are some facts about Toshiro.

Toshiro Mifune was born on 1 April 1920 in Qingdao, Shandong, China, to Japanese parents. His parents were Methodist missionaries working there.

Mifune first encountered director Akira Kurosawa when Toho Studios, the largest film production company in Japan, conducted a talent search. It was an event which hundreds of aspiring actors auditioned before a team of judges.

Japanese director, Akira Kurosawa, was going to skip the auditions, but ultimately decided to show up when he was told that there was one actor who seemed promising. When an exhausted Mifune finished his audition, he sat down and gave the judges an ominous stare. He lost the competition, however, Kurosawa, had found his muse.

He became the most famous Japanese actor of his time. Easily the best known to Western audiences due to his imposing bearing, acting range, facility with foreign languages and lengthy partnership with acclaimed director Akira Kurosawa.

A lot of the time, Mifune portrayed samurai or rōnin who were usually coarse and gruff, inverting the popular stereotype of the genteel, clean-cut samurai

Mifune was also known for the effort he put into his performances. In order to prepare for Seven Samurai and Rashomon, Mifune reportedly studied footage of lions in the wild. While for Ánimas Trujano, he studied tapes of Mexican actors speaking, so he could recite all his lines in Spanish.

According to his daughter, Mifune turned down an offer from George Lucas to play Darth Vader or Obi Wan Kenobi.

In 1997, he died in Mitaka, Tokyo, aged 77. Mifune was survived by his two sons, his daughter, a grandson and two granddaughters.

Sonny Chiba – The Multi-Talented Martial Artist

Today is time for another celebrity profile. This week, Action Movie Star, would like to introduce you to none other than the multi-talented, Sonny Chiba. Sonny is a Japanese actor, singer, film producer, film director, and martial artist.


Following are some facts about his career so far:

  • Sonny was born January 22, 1939 Fukuoka, Japan.
  • His discovery was in a talent search (called “New Face”) by the Toei film studio in 1960.
  •  Invasion of the Neptune Men (1961) is Sonny’s movie debut.
  • Sonny established the Japan Action Club to develop and raise the level of martial arts techniques and sequences used in Japanese film and television.
  • Chiba’s Martial Art achievements are as follows:
Kyokushin Karate: 4th Dan 

Ninjutsu: 4th Dan 

Goju-ryu karate: 2nd Dan

Shorinji Kempo: 2nd Dan

Judo: 2nd Dan 

Kendo: 1st Dan

Chow Yun-Fat is our favourite this week

Chow Yun-Fat is our favourite this week.

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Here are some facts about this Action Movie Star:

– Born on Lamma Island, British Hong Kong, which is also a farming community. He also grew up in a house with no electricity.
– At seventeen, he left school to help support the family by doing odd jobs
– Chow appeared in the 1980 TV series The Bund on TVB. The series was about the rise and fall of a gangster in 1930s Shanghai, and became a huge hit throughout Asia and made Chow a star.
– On June 26, 2008, Chow released his first photo collection in Hong Kong, which includes pictures taken on the sets of his films. Proceeds from the book’s sales were donated to Sichuan earthquake victims. Published by Louis Vuitton, the books were sold in Vuitton’s Hong Kong and Paris stores.
– Chow has appeared in over 121 films and 24 television series. As well as having some cameos in video games.

Shah Rukh Khan – The King of Bollywood

Time for another celebrity profile.

Shah Rukh Khan. The King of Bollywood!

So let’s have a quick look and see what makes Shah Rukh Khan. The King of Bollywood and enter him into the ranks of the Action Movie Star.
He was born on 2 November 1965 in New Delhi, India. His first starring role was in Lekh Tandon’s television series Dil Dariya.
Khan has garnered the most appreciation for portraying villainous roles in two box office hits, Darr (1993) and Baazinger (1993).
Khan is a frequent stage performer and has participated in several world tours and concerts.
He appears quite frequently on listings of the most popular, stylish and influential people in India.
Khan has also regularly featured among the top ten on The Times of India’s list of the 50 most desirable men in India.
What a star!

More than a Action Movie Star – Gina Carano

It is that time again for another celebrity profile. We have decided to another for the girls. And this week’s girl is none other than Gina Carano. Here are some fun facts about this Action Movie Star as well as a clip of a fight scene from Fast & Furious 6.

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-Born in Dallas, Texas
-Graduated from Trinity Christian High School in Las Vegas, Nevada.
-Gina had started her career in the sport of Muay Thai. It was her then-boyfriend Kevin Ross, a pro Muay Thai fighter who got her involved.
-Carano starred in the 2006 cult film Ring Girls.
-In July 2013, Gina and comic book creator Rob Liefeld announced that they were working on a big-screen adaptation of Liefied’s Avengelyne.
-Big Biz Magazine in the Spring 2008 issue voted Gina the “Hottest Woman In America”.

Kung Fu the Legend

Hello everyone, we are back at it again. This week’s celebrity profile is none other than David Carradine.

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David was born December 8, 1936 as John Arthur Carradine, in Hollywood, California. He is the oldest child of actor John Carradine and his wife Ardanelle Abigail (McCool).

When he left the Army, David became serious about his acting pursuits. Around that time, he was advised to change his name to avoid confusion with his famous father.

David Carradine starred as a half-Chinese, half-white Shaolin monk, Kwai Chang Caine, on the ABC hit TV series Kung Fu for three years (1972–1975) and was nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award for his role.

David was not trained in kung fu when he was cast in the role of Kwai Chang Caine. He instead relied on his experience as a dancer for the part. He also had experience in sword fighting, boxing, and street fighting.

As well as being an actor, David Carradine was a musician. He sang and played the piano, the guitar and the flute among other instruments

One of David’s most noteable movie roles is Bill in Quentin Tarantino’s film Kill Bill.

Nothing Sly about him

Who doesn’t like Sylvester Stallone as an Action Movie Star.

Stallone was born in Hell’s Kitchen, New York.
He gained worldwide fame from his film Rocky, in which he had written the script in the frame of 3 days and 20 hours.

Action movie stars work hard to be who they are and anyone can do it, but you have to do it.

As well as acting, Stallone also works on films as a director. He directed the film Staying Alive, which is a sequel to Saturday Night Fever. Who remembers this one?
Stallone is currently residing in California. He has 5 children, 3 of which his daughters were chosen to be Miss Golden Globe as the 74th Golden Globe awards.

We love Sly, he is super cool and has a physic men would love to have.

Keep on giving the world some of the best action moments on screen.

Action Movie Star

Welcome to the world of the Action Movie Star!

When we were children we would dream.

We would dream of who we could be at night while we slept and when we woke we lived those dreams in our play. When you love  action movies then you love to play.

Hero or villan, it’s all good when you are in an action movie. You are going to get to do some cool stuff and live those dreams.

Do you remember when you were a child and you would get in trouble for doing something cool that your mates loved but your authority figures disliked? When you work in action films, people clap and ask if you want to do it again, and yes you do.

Action Movie Star will bring dreams to life and open windows into the world of the Action Movie Star.